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I treat a variety of urinary and male reproductive conditions.

RAAR | Robotic Surgery | Urology | Urologist | New Delhi

Robotic Surgery

Extensively trained on the latest Robotic Surgery platforms and underwent prestigiousfellowship training (Vattikuti Robotics Fellowship) with the best mentors in India and abroad (France, United States) to hone the skills of Robotic Prostate cancer, Kidney cancer and Reconstructive Urologic surgeries
About Urologic Cancers | Urologist | Surgeon | Delhi

Urologic Cancers

Special interest in cancers of the Urologic tract primarily Prostate, Kidney, Urinary bladder and Ureteric cancers. I have extensive experience of managing patients with these conditions and am well trained in their medical and surgical management ,along with help of a multidisciplinary team.
Urinary Stones | endourologic and holmium laser management | Urology | Urologist | Delhi

Urinary Stones

Complete range of endourologic and holmium laser management options for common conditions like Urinary stone disease and Benign Prostatic enlargement, including small incision surgery (PCNL), scarless operations(RIRS) and Laser Prostate surgery (HoLEP, KTP Laser) respectively.
Comprehensive management of Men's Health | Urologist | New - Delhi

Men's Health

Comprehensive management of male sexual dysfunction, Low Testosterone in young and older males, Penile surgeries from Circumcisions to penile prosthesis.
About Reconstructive Surgery | Urology | Urologist | Delhi

Reconstructive Urology

Surgical management of Urethral stricture disease (Urethroplasty) and reconstructive surgeries of upper urinary tract including Pyeloplasty and Ureteric reimplants.
About Urinary Incontinence | Urology | Urologist | Delhi

Urinary Incontinence

Women and men with problems of loss of urinary control can be treated with medical as well as surgical management (Sling Surgery) Urinary tract infections and Prostatis (in men) can occur without any apparent cause or may be secondary to underlying problems. I specialise in managing these conditions.

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Healthy people must urinate 4 to 8 times a day.

  • Burning sensation when you urinate
  • Dark, bloody, smelly urine
  • Feeling the need to urinate frequently
  • Urge to urinate but unable to when in the restroom
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